Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

Reserve your seat
with a credit card.

Payment in cash to
the driver on the day
of travel.

Valid by email only,
at least 48 hours

If you do not email
within that time frame,
and do not board the
shuttle, you will be
billed full price of your
Office of Admissions
450 SW Linfield Ave. Bldg 10

Cost: $40 per person
One way

Departing at 10:15 am

Arrival at PDX: 11:30 am

Arrival at Amtrak: 11:50 am

Departing PDX at 2:00 pm
Baggage claim level on Island 2 at Information booth

Departing Amtrak at 2:15 pm
~Bus loading zone

Arrival at Linfield College Bldg 10 at 3:20 pm


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