Outta Gas Pizza
1685 Hwy 101

Cost: $82 per person
One way

Departing at 7:40 am

Arrival at PDX: 11:30 am

Arrival at Amtrak: 11:50 am

Departing PDX at 2:00 pm
Baggage claim level on Island 2 at Information booth

Departing Amtrak at 2:15 pm
~Bus loading zone

Arrival at Outta Gas Pizza 6:00 pm



Come visit them for an early breakfast or stay
for dinner after we drop you off!
They open at 6:00 am!

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Yachats, Oregon
Reserve your seat
with a credit card.

Payment in cash to
the driver upon

Valid by email only,

A $20.00 FEE per
person will be charged
for each Guaranteed
Reservation that a
passenger Cancels or
Changes with less than
48 HOURS notice
before their departure

Any and all Guaranteed
Reservations that
NO-SHOW and are not
canceled or changed
prior to their departure
times will be charged
the full amount of their
reserved seat.